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We build a distinctive brand presence for your business so you stand apart, engage your audiences and attract more leads



Melbourne PR & Marketing is an award-winning agency located in Melbourne’s south-east region.

Our team of top marketing and public relations specialists is passionate about building the brand presence of purpose-driven people and organisations so they stand apart, engage their audiences and attract high quality leads.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with you.

We take the time to listen to where you’d like to take your business so we can develop a tailored marketing and public relations program that achieves your goals and desired outcomes. 

Our services

Our services

Our services include:

  • marketing strategies
  • public relations campaigns
  • branding
  • media relations programs
  • strategic advice
  • project management and implementation
  • content writing for all digital and traditional forms of media
  • graphic design – logos, stationery, style guides, brochures, newsletters, annual reports
  • customised training seminars and workshops
  • coaching and mentoring.


Business clients

Business clients

The currency of marketing is influence and to be influential you need high brand differentiation and high message clarity.

We help businesses embrace what makes them different so they can compete in today’s world of fierce competition, information overload and product commoditisation.

Whether you are a sole trader or have in-house marketing support, business confidence and return on investment comes from applying a strategic approach to your marketing program.

We specialise in discovering, defining, then leveraging your point of difference with powerful marketing messages across a diverse range of mediums at each stage of the customer journey. This increases the visibility of your brand, strengthens relationships with customers and other stakeholders, and attracts higher quality leads

Government clients

Government clients

We help build mutual respect and understanding between government organisations and their customers and stakeholders.

Our public relations campaigns and strategic communication plans are designed to raise community awareness and appreciation of your policies, programs, services or a public issue, and inspire action and advocacy for better economic, social and environmental outcomes. 

Government clients
Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

We believe brands have the power to change the world.

Building a brand on a purpose, not simply a promise, helps customers understand what you stand for and employees to know why their work matters. It means organisations can be a force for good by bringing better health, education and economic opportunities to people, improving environmental outcomes, making a more humane world and many other benefits, whether on a local or global scale.

Our purpose, therefore, is to help organisations engage the hearts and minds of their target audiences so they can achieve their purpose for those whom they serve and for the greater good.

We do this by empowering them to embrace what makes them different – their unique value – by telling their story through powerful marketing messages and by strategically positioning their brand so it cuts through the clutter and competition of a crowded marketplace.

In delivering on our purpose our attitude will stay above the line – we own our results, we are accountable to our actions and we take 100 per cent responsibility for our results. We go the extra yard, we communicate openly and we create exponential value at every customer touchpoint. We will also stay true to our core values of respect, generosity, courage, wisdom, leadership, passion, fun and integrity.

We know we’ve been successful in achieving our purpose when our clients tell us they have:

  • courage and confidence to be an inspiring and influential brand
  • clarity of purpose, message and the unique value they deliver
  • loyal and engaged customers who sing their praises
  • a positive public profile and reputation
  • a strong sense of significance and contribution to the Australian economy
Our Manifesto
Our founder

Our founder

Ros Weadman is a state and national award-winning marketing and public relations specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Ros works with business owners, government executives and other leaders to build their brand presence so they are more persuasive communicators and more influential in their field.

Ros has extensive experience in developing and delivering strategic marketing plans and public relations campaigns for both business and government. As a brand architect, Ros is passionate about building distinctive brands. As a brand warrior, she is passionate about protecting businesses from ambiguity, mediocrity and invisibility. 

Ros believes in empowering people to feel confident in delivering their marketing and public relations activities. As part of this commitment, she runs public workshops and tailored in-house training programs, and coaches and mentors individuals. She is also the author of BRANDcode, a marketing guide for small businesses.

Highly experienced in media, issues and crisis management, Ros has led crisis teams in some of Australia’s highest profile crises including the Cranbourne methane gas crisis and Black Saturday fires.

As a professional copywriter, Ros has written thousands of online and offline marketing resources and speeches, including for the Premier of Victoria. 

Ros is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Ros Weadman, FPRIA
MA (Prof. Comm)
Grad. Dip Bus Man
Dip Ed (sec)
BA (psych, soc)


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